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    Best Schools in Bath

    If you’re a family looking to call the stunning historical city of Bath your home, finding the right school is an essential part of the moving process. And with around 90 schools to choose from in the Bath area, you’re somewhat spoilt for choice. Choosing the perfect place for your kids can be tricky, but help is at hand – using our expert knowledge of the local area, we’ve compiled a complete guide to picking the right school in Bath that your children will love.

    Finding the Right School For You

    There’s lots to consider on the path to finding the perfect school – here’s a breakdown of eight key areas:


    There’s so many wonderful suburbs to choose from when selecting a school in Bath. One of the most important factors in this choice, is the location of the school. If your children are going to be walking to school by themselves, you ideally need a school that’s not too far from home that they’ll be able to commute to easily. Bath is one of the safest places you could choose to send your kids to school – in fact, the city ranks as the number one safest major area in the entire county of Somerset.


    How big are the school grounds? How many students are there to a class, and what’s the faculty to student ratio? Whatever the answers to these questions, personal preference will likely determine how you respond to this one – are you a fan of a cosy, close-knit community, or would you like a bigger student body for your children to get involved with? Smaller class sizes often allow for more interaction and a personalised approach from teaching staff, while a greater number of students might mean more chances to socialise and get involved with extracurricular activities. It’s all about what you’re looking for.

    Academic Quality

    Alumni success, reputation, and accreditation – these are all key in establishing the academic quality of a school. Ultimately, your children’s education is what you’re investing in here, so take your time with considering how each school performs in this area.

    Extracurricular Activities

    This encompasses everything from after school clubs, to sports teams, to creative student groups. The student life and social scene of a school is just as important as its academic accolades – this is where your children will harness social skills, nurture their talents, and have fun, with the chance to enhance their education experience as a whole and provide an opportunity for personal growth.

    Student Opportunities

    If you’ve got older kids who are going to be enrolling into secondary school, it’s worth having a look at what career opportunities the school has available, such as job placement programmes or work experience.

    Faculty Support

    According to a study by The Children’s Society, the likelihood of a child suffering from a mental health issue has gone up by 50% over the last three years. Now more than ever, having the right support network available for kids to turn to when they’re feeling low is crucial, and the best schools will understand this and have the measures in place to provide proper help where needed. Have a look at the available counselling services, as well as other support systems such as academic and careers advising.

    Financial Aspect

    With some schools, there will be financial considerations at play, whether that’s payment for uniforms, resources, or the institution itself. Have a think about what you’d ideally like to budget for your perfect school.

    Personal Fit

    Ultimately, if your child is happy with their school experience, that’s what matters. Have a chat with them and see what’s high on their list of priorities, and work around those until you find something that makes you both happy. If you have the chance to visit, taking a look around the school is also a great way to get a sense of the atmosphere – bring your kids along, and ask them how they feel about each place.

    Keeping all this in mind, here’s all the top primary and secondary schools in Bath for you to consider.

    The Best Primary Schools in Bath

    St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School

    Situated in Richmond Place within the Lansdown region of Bath, St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School is a state primary school for girls and boys aged four to eleven, and was established in the 1840s to offer an education for those children whose families could sadly not afford the fees of private institutions, with a drive to help each student develop as an individual.

    Bathampton Primary School

    Tucked into the charming village of Bathampton, Bathampton Primary School dates as far back as 1804, and is one of the most respected schools within the Bath area, consistently ranking within the top five Bath & North East Somerset’s schools for achievement.

    Newbridge Primary School

    A county school on the western outskirts of Bath, Newbridge Primary School was established in 2006, with an upper and lower school that separates the students into two groups of Reception to Year 2, and Year 3 to Year 6. The four playgrounds and expansive field and more than enough to house the 400 students, who benefit from a rich extra-curricular experience with plenty of activities and groups to get involved with.

    Other top primary schools in Bath include:

    • St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School
    • Combe Down Church of England Primary School
    • St Savior’s Church of England Junior School
    • Widcombe Church of England Junior School
    • St Philip’s Church of England Primary School

    The Best Secondary Schools in Bath

    Hayesfield Girls’ School

    A vibrant state school, Hayesfield Girls’ School reached academy status in 2011, and operates from two main sites located in Upper Oldfield Park and Brougham Hayes, with a co-educational sixth form. With over a thousand pupils, Hayesfield strives to make girls feel safe and valued in their education, with ‘achieve ambition’ as their famous school motto.

    Beechen Cliff School

    Beechen Cliff School, a state day and boarding school for boys Years 7-11, sits alongside Bath’s Alexandra Park on Kipling Avenue, and has a long-standing prestigious and high-achieving reputation, with its earliest predecessor founded in 1896.

    Ralph Allen School

    A co-educational comprehensive secondary school, Ralph Allen School is in the charming district of Combe Down for students aged 11-18, with academy status and a holistic approach to education. The Times even crowned Ralph Allen as one of the south-west’s top five comprehensive schools earlier this year.

    Other top secondary schools in Bath include:

    • Oldfield School
    • King Edward’s School
    • The Bath Studio School
    • St Gregory’s Catholic College
    • Bath Academy

    Applying For Schools in Bath

    If you’re planning a move to Bath and are looking to enrol your child in one of the city’s top schools, you will need to go through the admission system of the particular school you’re looking at. For more information on how the process works for each year group, you can find out more on the Bath & North East Somerset council website.

    Dreaming of moving your family to Bath and need some help scouting out the local area? We’ve got the team of professional lettings and estate agents for you. We’ve got in-depth local knowledge and years of experience at the ready to guide you every step of the way – feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you find your dream home.