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    10 Reasons to Move to Bath

    It’s no secret that Bath is one of the most sought after spots to live in England. With breathtaking views, stunning historical sites of interest, and countless cosy cafes and bars tucked into the corners of the honey-coloured streets, Bath has earned a well-deserved reputation, offering a peaceful historic landscape where city life meets small-town tranquillity.

    If you’re wondering whether Bath is the right place for you, here are ten reasons that are sure to give you a nudge in the right direction.

    1. The History

    First and foremost – the local history. Bath’s eye-catching Georgian architecture serves as an immersive reminder of yesteryear, transporting visitors back to the times of quintessential British nobility. Of course, keen historians need only refer to Bath’s namesake for a quick history lesson of the Roman era.

    Situated in the heart of the city, the Roman Baths take the spotlight for historical points of interest. Once a site where the Roman elite would come and bathe in the natural hot springs and worship the goddess Sulis Minerva, today, the baths still flow with the same hot water, and visitors are welcome to explore the site and see the ruins of the goddess’ temple.

    2. It’s Made For Foodies

    Bath is known across the country as one of England’s esteemed food capitals, and its delicious range of cafes and restaurants makes it clear to see why.

    From luxurious fine-dining to tasty street food finds, Bath has a whole spectrum of cuisines on offer. If you’re looking for a fancy candlelit dinner, the Scallop Shell, Sotto Sotto, and the Walcot are among the many acclaimed restaurants. Or, for an afternoon tea and a slice of cake, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is the place to go, with Sweet Little Things and the Bath Tea House among several other wonderful options.

    3. The Local Attractions

    Bath is home to several fantastic museums if you’re interested in exploring the local history further, such as the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street, celebrating the life and works of one of Bath’s most famous residents. An interactive and immersive space, visitors are guided around by actors donning Regency costumes, with exhibits dotted throughout.

    The Victoria Art Gallery is another cultural point of historical interest, having opened in 1900 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, housing over 1500 beautiful pieces of art dating from 1700 onwards. There is also the Fashion Museum, which holds a curated collection of contemporary and historic dress. You can even try on costumes from different eras and take pictures with your friends.

    For the foodies of Bath, Sally Lunn’s Eating House is the place to go. Home of the original Bath bunn and one of the city’s oldest eating houses, Sally Lunn’s combines dining with history, showcasing the original kitchen where Sally herself used to bake the very first Bath bunns, alongside a quaint sit-in cafe that serves a whole menu based on the famous baked good.

    4. You Can Walk Everywhere

    One of Bath’s most appealing features is virtually everything is accessible on foot. The pedestrianised city centre in particular is always a bustling hub of walkers on any given day, offering plenty of winding streets to wander down and eye-catching attractions to admire while you stroll.

    That’s not to say the city doesn’t have excellent transport links – the Bath Bus Station offers regular routes in and out of the city, and the two railway links, Bath Spa and Oldfield Park, mean you can be on either side of Bath in mere minutes.

    However, it’s incredibly handy to have most of your necessities, if at least not on your doorstep, then within a quick and easy walking distance. If you’re looking to relocate from a bigger city, I’m sure you don’t need reminding of those painful hours spent standing sardine-like in a tin can tube, or having to pay up an eye-watering Uber fare if you find yourself out in town later than usual.

    In Bath, you won’t need to stress over routes or plan for designated drivers – just step outside and go. Honestly, hitting that 10k step count has never been easier.

    5. The Shopping

    Bath is an extremely popular destination for shopping, with a variety of independent boutiques and high street brands located in the hub of the city. The Southgate Shopping Quarter is excellent for an afternoon of retail therapy, with the Corridor and the Bath Guildhall Market situated not too far away.

    Bath’s Artisan Quarter is also great for exploring more quirky vintage antique stores, and you can find weekly markets held at Green Park Station – a farmer’s market on Saturdays, and a flea market on Sundays.

    6. You’re Surrounded by Nature

    Bath is overflowing with lush green spaces to stroll through or enjoy picnics in. The Royal Crescent is possibly the most famous, a flowing Georgian curve that overlooks a tranquil bed of grass often inhabited by masses of sunbathing local residents on warm summer days.

    There is also Victoria Park, opened in 1830 by the then-Princess herself, seven years before she took her place on the throne (interestingly, it is the first park of its kind to carry her name), as well as the Parade Gardens where live music is often played from the bandstand.

    7. The Safety Aspect

    Aside from the buzzing culture and stunning landscape, Bath is actually one of the safest places to live in England. In fact, Bath is reportedly Somerset’s safest major town, and even ranks in the top 20 safest places within England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    The city has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a strong community spirit that is countered by its thriving tourist and student scene, making Bath an overwhelmingly safe space to inhabit.

    8. The Educational Opportunities

    Home to two terrific universities and several well-respected schools, Bath is a wonderful environment for learning.

    If you’re a student on the hunt for a place to study, there is the University of Bath and Bath Spa University, with campuses dotted around the city centre as well as picturesque sites on the city’s outskirts. Or, if you’re a family looking to relocate, Bath College is just one of the city’s sixth form institutions, with a whopping 27 primary schools on offer.

    9. The Extensive List of Pubs

    In Bath, you’re never too far from a pub. Almost every corner is adorned with a cosy tucked away gem, with real fires and local ciders on tap ready to be enjoyed around tables. Bath’s extensive list of charming old pubs includes the Raven, the Bell Inn, and the Saracen’s Head, a favourite of Charles Dickens during his time and possibly the city’s oldest pub, having been constructed during 1713.

    10. The Christmas Market

    Every winter, people flock from around the country to experience the great Bath Christmas Market, where the streets are transformed into a wonderland overflowing with mulled wine, festive bakes, and stocking fillers nestled among stalls adorned with twinkling lights and decorations. More than 150 chalets gather in the city centre each year to bring the markets together, with around 200 traders and over 30 charities getting involved.

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