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    Why Choose Zest?

    At Zest, we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with the exceptional letting experience they deserve. As buyers and letters ourselves, we know what takes customer service to the next level. Whatever property management services you need, we’re always here to lend a helping hand and make the process as streamlined as possible for you.

    Our award-winning team has over 40 years combined experience in delivering fast results and ensuring complete customer satisfaction, with personalised and responsive services fit for any home. Our extensive list of property management and landlord packages are sure to satisfy any customer.

    Check out our many online reviews to find out why we were awarded ‘Exceptional’ at the 2022 Best Estate Agent Guide Awards, placing us in the top 5% of estate agents in the UK.

    Letting Agents & Property Management Bath

    Benefits of Using Zest Sales and Lettings

    Flexible packages

    Flexible packages

    Independent and local letting agents

    Independent and local

    Stay compliant

    Stay compliant

    Landlord Services in Bath

    Whether you’re an experienced landlord or a first-time buyer, our collection of property management packages will cover all of your property needs. If you’re looking for support in the letting process, or you want a helping hand to take the reins in all the day-to-day management, we’ve got the necessary local knowledge and experience to make letting your property in Bath the streamlined, stress-free process it deserves to be.

    Our services cover all bases of landlord support, from expert valuation of your home to handling the returns of non-security deposits. Choose from our Tenancy Set-Up Package to our full Homeowners Service, complete with administrative task support and quarterly inspections. We’ll ensure that you continue to comply with legislation and are aware of any changes that occur.

    We also pride ourselves on our excellent communication and customer service skills. Our award-winning team of experts have over 40 years of collective industry experience and knowledge to guide you through the property management process and make sure you receive the maximum return on your investment.

    Landlord services Bath

    Which Property Management Package Should I Choose?

    We offer a service to suit everyone, from first time landlords to experienced investors. Take a look at the menu below to find out more about each of the packages we offer, or have a read of our full lettings brochure here.

    Full Management

    For landlords who want a hassle-free letting experience. We’ll manage the entire day-to-day process and liaise with all necessary parties on your behalf, including HMRC for overseas landlords if required.

    Let & Rent Collection

    For landlords who want peace of mind with their tenant’s rental payments. We’ll take care of collecting rent and ensure any late payments are always pursued correctly.

    Let Only Service

    For the seasoned landlord happy to deal directly with their tenant throughout their stay. With this package, the repairs and maintenance go directly through you.

    What’s included?

      Full Management Let & Rent Collection Let Only Service
    An expert valuation of your property’s monthly rental value.
    Proactive search for a suitable tenant, including advertising on our website & property portals.
    Accompanied viewings, six days a week.
    Negotiating the tenancy agreement with tenants.
    Prepare move-in paperwork & welcome pack.
    Collection of deposit & first month’s rent on your behalf.
    Ensure that the standing order is correctly set-up by the tenant.
    Issuing legal notices to tenants, if required.
    Monthly rent collection & payments via BACS.
    Chasing up late payments & pursuing guarantors, if required.
    Ensure that all monies are protected by Client Money Protection.
    Check tenants continued right to rent throughout the tenancy, on your behalf.
    Access to a 24/7 maintenance emergency helpline.
    Arrange for the Gas Safety Certificate, Legionnaires’ Risk Assessment & EPC pre-tenancy.
    Check Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms pre-tenancy.
    Arrange the Inventory, Check-in & Check-out.
    Securely hold a set of property keys throughout the tenancy.
    Provide tenant access to a 24/7 maintence emergency helpline throughout the tenancy.
    Provide ongoing management of your property via our specialist property management team.
    Act as an intermediary with insurance companies or block management companies.
    Arrange for all utilities to be transferred at the start and end of each tenancy.
    Liaise with our vetted contractors to carry out all necessary property repairs. Ensure that all contractors have the correct insurance prior to carrying out work, and pay them on your behalf.
    Monthly expenditure statements.
    Assessment and management of annual rental value inflation.
    Review check-out reports, advise on deductions from deposits, reach agreements with tenants, & process deposit returns.
    Handle the returns of non-security deposits.
    Monitor local licensing schemes.
    Ensure that you continue to comply with legislation, and are aware of changes.

    Tenancy Set-Up Package

    Available across all of our service levels, our tenancy set-up package includes the preparation of the legal tenancy agreement, deposit registration via the DPS, premium marketing, and a personalised tenant check in service to ensure that your tenancy gets off to the best possible start. For a full list of our fees, please see the attached Lettings Packages.

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      Do I need to tell my mortgage lender I’m renting out my property?

      Yes – if you decide to rent out your property, you will need to let your mortgage lender know. Letting it without permission could be in breach of your contract.

      How do I know what rent to charge?

      The amount of rent you charge your tenants should be a percentage of your home’s market value. There are plenty of rent calculators out there to assist you with figuring out the correct rental amount for you and your property. We can advise you on what the going rental rates are in your area for the type of property you have.

      How much will it cost me to let my property?

      There are various fees and service costs involved in letting a property, including property management services, letting fees, and deposit collection costs. At Zest, we offer inclusive packages that encompass a range of fees all in one pre-agreed service – you can check out our list of lettings packages for more information.

      Why should I use a managing agent?

      Hiring some additional support can make the letting process less stressful, more streamlined, and often ensures all parties on the rental agreement are kept in check with the clauses they sign up to.

      What happens to my tenant’s deposit?

      You will need to place your tenant’s deposit into a government backed deposit protection or insurance scheme to ensure it’s kept safe and secure throughout the duration of their stay, after which it will be returned to them depending on the state of the property and any potential damages involved.

      Why should I have an inventory and check in report?

      Implementing an inventory ensures you are protected when it comes time for the tenant to move out. If they have inflicted any damage on the property or your possessions, the inventory will prove so, making the tenant liable to provide necessary payment, either themselves or through their deposit at the end of the tenancy. The check in report covers the cleanliness of every aspect of your property, including any appliances, and is used at the end of the tenancy to ensure your property is returned to the same level of cleanliness.

      Why do I need an EPC?

      It is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when your property is rented out. Your property’s EPC needs to be available to potential buyers as soon as you start to market your property for sale or rent. At Zest, we offer EPC ratings as part of our package in the instance where landlords don’t already have one.

      What are my obligations surrounding gas?

      To keep your buy to let property a safe space for tenants to rent, there are certain legal requirements that cover everything from gas appliances, fittings, chimneys, and flues to ensure efficiency in durability and minimise risk. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 outline everything landlords need to know to keep in line with the correct safety practices.

      Do I need to get my electrical appliances tested?

      To be fit for renting, a buy to let property must comply with the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, which includes regular inspections and tests from a qualified professional at an interval of at least every five years.

      How do I check if my furniture is compliant?

      You can do this by checking the label of items of furniture, which should not be removed. This will give you all the necessary information on the materials used to make the item.

      How do I receive my rental income?

      This is dependent on the clauses set out in the tenancy agreement – usually, the tenants will set up a direct debit or standing order  to the estate agent, who will then pay out the money to you.

      Do I need to pay tax on rental income?

      As a landlord, you need to pay income tax on any rent you receive from your property for the duration of a tenancy’s stay.

      Can I enter my property during the tenancy?

      You may, but only if you have given the tenants proper notice prior to entering (unless there’s an emergency).

      Who will pay the council tax – the landlord or the tenant?

      The tenant is liable to pay council tax for the duration of their stay.

      Who will pay for the TV licence – the landlord or the tenant?

      The tenant is liable to pay for the TV licence for the duration of their stay.

      What is a routine visit?

      This is a visit conducted by the estate agent or landlord of a property, where an inspection is conducted to check how the tenants are treating the property and ensure it’s being properly looked after. While the landlord does have legal rights to access and survey the home, there is no right to immediate access unless there’s an emergency – landlords are required to give 24 hours notice prior to inspections. Entering the property without proper reason is against the law.

      What if the tenant damages the property?

      If the tenant has caused any damage to the property during their stay, they will be liable to pay you and cover any necessary costs as per the terms set out in the tenancy agreement.

      What if the tenant doesn’t pay?

      First things first – get in touch with your tenant and see what’s going on. Make sure to keep a record of any correspondence in case things escalate. By failing to pay rent, the tenant has legally broken the terms of the tenancy agreement, meaning you can serve them a Section 8 notice at any point in their tenancy. This acts as a warning, rather than an eviction order – it seeks possession of the property and provides advance warning that the tenant needs to vacate. The notice must first be judged valid to be enforceable by a court.

      What if I want to remove my tenant?

      Depending on the situation and the reasons for removal, you may be able to evict a tenant if you have the proper grounds to, for example, if they haven’t paid their rent or if they have caused damage to your property.

      What is TPO?

      The Property Ombudsman (TPO) scheme was brought about in 1990 to offer tenants and property agents an alternative dispute resolution service in the case of any unfair practice, such as ignoring legal rights, unfair treatment, or not following through with any agreements.

      What is Right to Rent?

      The Right to Rent check must take place prior to a tenancy starting – private landlords and agents are legally required to check the immigration status of all tenants who will be living in the property.

      How can I improve my EPC rating?

      There are several ways to improve your property’s EPC rating – you can up your loft and wall insulation, replace old boilers, install double glazing, or install energy-efficient lighting. At Zest, we offer EPC ratings as part of our package in the instance where landlords don’t already have one.

      Can my tenant refuse an increase in rent?

      In general, it is advised to only consider rental increases in annual cycles or once the pre-agreed fixed term contract has come to an end. If the tenant disagrees with the rent spike, the best course of action would likely be to end the tenancy once the fixed term has finished.

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